Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi. My name is Jacek Kobus. Together with my girlfriend Dalia we hold a property of about 16 ha in central Poland, 80 km south of Warsaw, country's capital near a village called "Boska Wola". Our passion is Akhal-Tekes. We have three pure blood mares: Melesugun, Osman Guli and Margire. Clicking at their names you may see pedigrees and galleries for each of them.

Melesugun and Osman Guli just have returned from Petra's farm in Czech Republic, where they were covered by Germes. In about a week I should know the results of this expedition. Margire is in training at Warsaw's racetrack. However, since we are already sure that no race for pure blood akhal-tekes will be conducted at Pardubice this year due to small number of interested horse owners, we should decide her future now. I will inform about the outcome.

I invite you to my English website. However, since the time we have settled in a countryside it is difficult for me to update my home page often. It requires too much data traffic for my fragile and week internet connection. Therefore I have developed a blog. As it consists variety of topics, including history, politics and philosophy, all of them of little interest for English speaking public this, even translated into English, can't really replace the home page. Therefore, I start this blog, as a form of week-to-week (I hope) information platform about my Tekes for general public. As my English is no better than average Central European graduate's, it is natural, that I will stress on publishing the photos. I hope, you will enjoy them at least :-) Please feel free to comment or ask any question.


  1. Excellent! Nice to see your beautiful horses!! I hope to see lots of photos. I wish you the best with your breeding, I am sure you will get excellent foals :-)

  2. Thank you for writing in english! It is greatly appreciated. =:) -Shannon.