Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our horses, part 1: Dalia wlkp

Having neglected this blog for a pretty long time I come back with a short presentation of our small herd. Our first horse wasn't akhal-teke. In fact we have bought a warmblood mare (of a local breed called "wielkopolski", abbreviation: "wlkp") before we have ever heard about AT. The reason for buying a horse was irrational: she was my favorite ride in a riding school I have attended during my studies in Warsaw. She is of a "difficult" personality, thus she had only a few fans appreciating her comfortable movements and limitless strength. Definitely, she is not a horse for a riding school! 

So she was for sale and accidentally getting to know that, I have bought her although it was an expensive adventure for me at that time, and although I knew little about horses at all. Gradually, with much help of my friend, Sebastian Karaśkiewicz, we've got to understand each other (although she will never cease to show her teeth every 5 minutes: this is too long established a habit to change it!). For a while, I wanted to have a Dalia's daughter. Se we had her covered by Jakobin wlkp. The result was a son: Dar wlkp, whom we have sold a year and half ago. Now, Dalia is on an early pension due to some illness in her legs. This doesn't prohibits her to rule the herd as its "alpha". Which is the function she performs some 10 years already - in any herd she was attached to.