Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our horses, part 2 - Melemahmal

So long a silence had its reason. Having published the first part of this cycle more than a half a year ago, I have realized that the second part should tell about Melemahmal. This is but too painful a story to be said easy. Melemahmal was our most beloved and the most gentle mare - and we have lost her.

Most of her pictures was published in "Konski Targ" monthly magazine or in the internet. However, for me it's easier to tell this story this way.
This is how we have seen Melemahmal (Palvan - Merdjengul) for the first time. Was July 1st, 2005, at Stavropol Studfarm. She was 3 years old. A year earlier she had an accident at Pyatigorsk racetrack and was still ailing at her left front leg. Therefore she was cheap. However we didn't come to buy her right now. Only few months later, when our friend Kasia, who was with us in Russia and wanted a mare for herself get to know that her first choice yearling got sick. After much phone talking. faxing and mailing we have finally decided to buy Melemahmal instead. Which was difficult cause Kasia have misremembered her name at the beginning. 

Anyway, in April 2006 I have come with my friend Henio Lasota to Stavropol Studfarm again, to take Melemahmal (now 4 years old) and Melesugun (2 years old at the moment) back home. In the meantime Kasia have changed her plans and we bought Melemahmal for ourselves, thus entering at last the path leading to horse breeding (Melemahmal was pregnant already), owning the farm and living at the countryside. In this sense, everything begins with Melemahmal and she was the cause for the next 5 years effort. You may imagine how painful is that she never come to our farm at Boska Wola...

I have just one picture from the long and full of adventures voyage from Stavropol to Kasia's farm at eastern outskirts of Warsaw - and not a very good one. This was our last stop before ukrainian - polish border, at Tarnopol:
And just few pictures from her first months at Kasia's farm:
And here under saddle with Kasia:
For a short time we have changed the stable and stayed at Koczarki Nowe, where Melemahmal had a special guest once:

This summer both "girls" went with Kasia and Dalia for a vacations at Mazury lakes region:
Later the girls have parted, and while Melesugun begun her dressage training under Kinga, Melemahmal have stayed at Kasia's farm preparing for the incoming foaling. As a preparation we were regularly have her run on a round-up (which wasn't easy, as she was positively rejecting the idea of running to the right!):
finally coming to the quite advanced, albeit probably unnecessary "patents":

or, as we have wrongly thought we are too heavy to ride so slim a mare while pregnant - under Kasia or her friend Agnieszka (which she prefered definitely):

And finally the foaling has come in January, 2007. The foaling was unexpected, the mare just few hours earlier has showed no sign of incoming delivery. And went wrong - happily, the vet was present for some other reasons and could help, thus saving little Margire. But the mare received perineal laceration 3rd degree.

In the spring the mother and daughter come to doctor's Golonka clinic in Gliwice for the first time:
Melemahmal later has come back to this place for the second time a year later.

In the meantime joining her friend, Melesugun at Kinga's farm:
where she participated once in a dressage competition:
without much success. However, the waning caused her much stress. She lost weight a little - and as a result, her tail become paralyzed! This was probably result of her late accident at Pyatigorsk. We spend a winter healing this problem with much help from doctor Blanka Wysocka and Lee Hollen.

Anyway, it looked like all her ailing was already cured:
Here is Melemahmal under Kasia, during Kasia's vacations (she has moved to Spain and could visit us and Melemahmal in the summer only).

Finally, we have moved Melemahmal to Krasne Studfarm:
Where she has joined her daughter Margire, her friend from Stavropol Melesugun and our newest akhal-teke mare, Osman Guli. And where she was visited by Kasia too:
Early 2009 I have took the very last picture of Melemahmal. We were in Krasne preparing all three older teke mares for the new breeding season. Melemahmal, due to her previous injuries could not be covered naturally. Therefore I took her to Slovakia, to Topolchanky Studfarm, where she was supposed to be inseminated with a fresh sperm of one of Mr's Khabliev's stallions, having his farm nearby:
However, Melemahmal's intestine was perforated during the anal examination prior to insemination and the injury was left unnoticed until she was in the agony. She was transported to Brno and there has died.

There is not much more to be said. After the planned insemination, Melemahmal should come to Boska Wola to our already operating farm. She didn't. She had a lot of bad luck in her short life. But always remained calm, tender and merry - and have had strong will to live. Her daughter Margire, I will describe in due time, grows much alike.

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  1. Very sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful mare. -Shannon.