Sunday, July 22, 2012

Akhal-teke breeders in Poland: an overwiev

There are three pure blood akhal-teke horses breeders in Poland about whom I know now: Ms Alexandra Mandrela at Upper Silesia (near Katowice) with one mare and her son, Mr Marcin Podpora near Gdańsk with few mares and stallions and myself.

There was more Tekes in Poland in the past. A stable of endurance Tekes belonged to Mr Ryszard Zieliński some 20 years ago. I've met Mr Zielinski once and hope to describe his experiences soon. His friend, Mr Marek Kaźmierczak has bought in Asghabat three stallions and one mare at the beginning of 90-ies, but received only stallions (a mare misteriously has disappeared by the way), and one of them has died soon. Remaining two: Pursat and Pelhan - left a dozen or so of part-blood offspring.

In the same time, Mr Tadeusz Kotwicki, a long rider about whom I've prepared and published an article recently (in the monthly magazine "Koński Targ"), has had two mares, a mother and daughter. Unhapilly - they never met!

There was also a stallion named Stambul somewhere at Podlasie region (my fiancee has seen his part-blood filly once), and two stallions: Bazarbaj and Sultan at Pomerania.

So far as we know, there was no pure-blood Teke foals in Poland before our Margire was born in 2007.

Anybody who wants to know more about present-day Teke breeding in Poland, should contact Olga, who is the first person who had an opportunity to visit all existing Teke breeding farms in our country.

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