Monday, July 16, 2012

Stable-less Tekes

Did I mentioned before that our horses live all-year round without stable? So far I never heard about other Tekes kept in such a way.

Of course, they have a sort of "home" as theirs shelter against the sun, the wind or snow (basically, they ignore rain!):
The above said doesn't mean that they are all-year round at the pasture, as our climate doesn't allow to pasture all the time. Therefore, our land is basically divided into three parts. Around the horses shelter there is a sandy "Winter Paddock", where they spent the time in a cold season, fed with hay and grain.

Just nearby we have "The First Pasture" (and two smaller ones), used for the spring. At the opposite side of our sandy route we have about 10 hectars of "The Great Pasture" where the horses will go probably next week - we have collected the hay from it before and now we wait till grass will grow again. The remaining part of July and probably whole August, our herd will pasture on it all day and night long, going back to their shelter only three times a day in order to drink water and eat a very small portion of grain (used to keep them in discipline mainly).
From mid-September on they will probably go back to the "Winter Paddock" for the nights to eat some hay. However, we will keep them on grass as long as possible - last year the herd was pastured till mid-December regularly and till mid-January from time to time. Normally, it is possible to pasture horses until late November.
We didn't planned initially to keep horses that way. In fact, we have approved plans for quite a fancy stable! However, the financial realities didn't allow us to execute this plan so far. And, after 3 years we doubt if there is a will among our horses to go back to small boxes in a barn ever again! They are healthy and, as long as we can judge it - happy with what they have...

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