Monday, August 13, 2012

An Idea to think about...

Our friend, veterinarian, visiting us last Saturday has expressed an idea I should think about. She said that apparent success in inseminating our mares so promptly (after years of subsequent failures) arises from psychological reasons as well. Being at home and having a stud to form a herd - they feel comfortable enough to become pregnant and to continue this way.

Should I keep Gelshah even longer then? Possibly till the foaling, when foals (and a new pregnancy...) will distort mare's attention from his departure? Cause, thinking this way - taking the stud away, I would destroy the herd - and diminish the psychological comfort our mares feel now..?


  1. You are considering to leave him until he will inseminate them the second time? Will that not tax your girls heavily (to have a successful birth, feeding and second pregnancy)?

    But it sounds like a very reasonable idea - because it's not like they had bad conditions at your place before...

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    1. That's normal breeding practice. A healthy mare starts to heat at about 8th day after the foaling - and should be covered then. If the foaling goes right...

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  2. Can I ask how much it cost to bring a horse from Stavropol?

    1. It depends... 6 years ago "a Russian price for foreigners" was 1 euro per km. That was one of the reasons why we have come for our horses with our own trailer... reducing the cost by half!

      If you are interested in such an enterprise, I may transport a horse from Stavropol for you for 0,5 euro per km - counting as my "interest rate" - the adventure...

  3. Thank you for a quick response, and wow, thank you for the nice offer I'll definitely keep that in mind. I'm still at very early thinking stages if I can afford it or not. I looked it up on google maps and got it to about 2100 km. Is that about right? If i understand it right I would have to pay 25% in Vat on all my cost for the horse plus expenses up until I reaching the EU border to enter the EU. Is that true?

    Sorry if I trouble you with all my questions

    1. What you shoul pay is:
      - the price for a horse (obviously...),
      - different administrative payments in Russia (including the blood test, a passport, a permission for export and so on...),
      - the custom fee ad valorem, according to your invoice (should I specify that what will be on an invoice is a matter of... convinience.. convention...? Whatever...)
      - VAT (it's 7 or 8% in Poland... but I understand that you go further West?) out of everything above, including transportation till the border and custom fee,
      - veterinary check at the border (it's optional... depending on the border vet mood!).

      It's the most convenient to go through Belarussia, as there is no custom border between Russia and Belarussia. But it almost doubles the way... Therefore we went through Ukraine - which was a litte bit more complicated in terms of papers and adventures, but much shorter way.

      In short: it may be arranged in such a way that all these additional costs, including taxes - will be minimized!

  4. Thank you for being so kind and share your experience. It helps a lot. It feels like a jungle to import a horse from Russia, an expensive jungle! But it helps me to hear that other people have done so successfully

  5. Hello again! I wonder if you have a mail address?