Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hungarian Hussars

Yesterday evening, I've got a message from Basha O'Reilly from Long Riders Guild, which follows:

There are two Hungarians who call themselves Hussars.  They were arrested in Sweden when it was discovered their horses were almost dead of exhaustion, wounds and malnourishment.  Their overriding desire was to reach the Arctic Circle regardless of the torment it caused their wounded horses. 

After a month the Swedish authorities released the horses, on condition that they should not be ridden for at least eight weeks and transported to Hungary in lorry or trailer.  The moment they crossed the border, however, the Hungarians broke their word and got back in the saddle.  They have ridden their wounded and exhausted horses through the Baltic States, at an average of 60 kilometres a day, and we think they are now in Poland.

So we would be grateful if you could tell the Polish equestrian community about these men.  If they are seen, we suggest that somebody contacts the local authorities and asks them to check on the condition of the horses. 

I attach an official Swedish government document which shows the saddle-sores and bad feet of the horses when they were in Sweden.  It is difficult to believe that the horses' wounds have healed.  I am sorry the document is so large, but it has many photographs.

The Hungarians talk about their "equestrian culture", but we believe they have brought dishonour on both the Hungarian nation and all Hussars everywhere.

Please let us know if you hear any news.

Mrs O'Reilly has attached a Swedish veterinarian authority report with pictures. Judging from the pictures, there is no case of "malnurishment", as horses look quite normal - albeit these horses apparently are unimpresive in size and kind, have numbers on theirs necks and Hussars equipment was already in a very poor condition when they have reached Stockholm in July (according to the report, signed by Elin Svensson, the camera gives bad data, and pictures were taken in July, the 9th). I publish here the worst: showing some sores on horses backs and two broken hoves:
After a quick search I've found that Mr Peter Csepin and Alexander Bako were nearing Helsinki on horseback around August the 3rd. It's quite possible, that now they are already on their way back home, somewhere in Poland.

I think, they need help. If theirs horses backs and hoves are in similar state like it was in July - they need at least few weeks of rest, a good blacksmith and a new equipment.

Besides, as I've wrote at Re-Volta, they look handsome: so, dear female readers - if you see such a rider somewhere:
for the benefit of theirs horses - you should host them for at least few weeks at your stable!