Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dr Ann Nyland

As you probably know, even in the pre-Internet era, there was always a possibility to link any human being on this planet with any other human being, living far away - by a chain of no more than 7 brokers. It should be easier now!

I need to contact Mrs Ann Nyland PhD from Australia. She is writer, translater and horse trainer. She has translated into English Kikkuli work on horse training, dated at about 1400 B.C. - and, moreover: she has repeated this 204-days long training on her own Arabian horses, she breeds in Australia.

I have two requests to Mrs Nyland, basically. First, as I've started a project for Polish Equestrian Culture Institute, named "A Secret History of Oriental Horse", I plan to write about origins of Oriental breeds and beginnings of equestrian culture of Middle East. Thus, the Kikkuli work stands as a basement for all further development and few comments from the most authoritative source would be of great benefit to my project.

Besides, dr Nyland consistently names ancient Middle East horses as "arabians" (e.g. "Hyksos Arabians"). This is quite novel and even surprising to me (which is only natural if you remember that I breed AT - isn't it?). I'm extremely curious about factual grounds for such statement!

Second: a "Kikkuli Experiment" itself seems to be potentially very interesting topic for Polish horse trainers and owners as well. The number of endurance horses in Poland grows fast. We know personally two very good endurance riders. Therefore, I think that such publication in a monthly magazine "Koński Targ" ("A Horse Market") to which I used to publish, would be of great interest to the general public.

Of course, I may just read the book - and I did it. However, it would be great, if "Koński Targ" could use few good quality, printable pictures from the Experiment...

I have tried to contact Mrs Nyland by many ways - to no result. Therefore, I need Your help, dear reader: equestrian world is not big these times. Maybe somebody of you know somebody, who knows Dr Nyland and can pass to her my most humble questions..?


  1. Try this - don't know if you will get a response.

  2. I wrote to dr Nyland once some years ago and she never responded, but the book is interesting