Monday, February 18, 2013

Horse market at Skaryszew, Poland, February the 18th, 2013

Probably it's the last place in Europe where you may see such views:

More pics to see at my Polish blog.

Skaryszew's horse market used to have "a bad press" worldwide. It's undeserved and exaggerated. Only a part of horses sold here goes to slaughterhouses. None of them is transported directly "to Italy". Besides: what's wrong in slaughtering horses for flesh? They were breed especially for that purpose!

Our local horse breeding is very fragmented. Most of the breeders have no more than 2 or 3 mares. They are mostly part-time farmers, who work in the city of Warsaw and keep horses cause this requires less workload than milk cows. EU agricultural policy, aimed at concentration and specialization hits this class of farmers severely and their number diminishes each year. Consequently, the number of horses exhibited at Skaryszew goes down year to year.

If you want to see this unique place - hurry up!