Sunday, March 31, 2013

Second trip to Russia, April/May 2006, part 3

When Alexandr Stiepanovich has returned from Moscow with our mares documents - we have had opportunity to see once more his gorgeus stallions:







Henio Lasota, Alexandr Stiepanovich Klimuk and me - in Kozak's costume

If I have mistaken some horse - please correct me.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Second trip to Russia, April/May 2006, part 2

At Stavropol Stud farm, we have opportunity to meet and see some friends and family members:

Paykend, whom we saw a year earlier winning the Derby race.

Akvamarin, a stallion whom my friend Henio Lasota instantly got to love.

He later won the championship for elder stallions and some important races. Unhappily - have died soon after.

Our Melesugun's father, Serasker. Sere's son about whom Mrs Raja Kirsh has expressed her worst opinion, as "Hispano-like, heavy, non typical, over-fed".

However, Serasker was 20+ years old at the time when we saw him - and was in constant use as a stallion! I was deeply moved by his dignity and apparent wisdom...

Serasker - different view

Melesugun's mother, Monogramma. She was affected by several shocks, making her hooves deformed and causing her to almost loose the ability of movement. As a dam she was frequently paired with Serasker, producing a long line of excellent offspring. Melesugun (then 2-years old) wasn't her last child!

Our Margire's sire, Gazanch. Margire has come to Poland inside her mother, Melemahmal.

A filly without coat, Malyshka. This is very rare genetic disease. Few years later, I've found description of a similar case in a relation of a Polish embassy to Sublime Port in a year 1700 A.D.

Malyshka has died that summer - the summer was exceptionally hot, and she has had problems with thermoregulation.

Henio with his favorit Stavropol's horse

The mare we definitely DIDN'T WANT: Tachta. She is Malyshka's sister and bears some white signs on her coat, an AT horse mustn't have.

Tachta from the other side.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Second trip to Southern Russia, April/May 2006, part 1

Having bought two "girls": Melemahmal and Melesugun, we went back next year to Stavropol, to collect them and bring them home. We had a lot of adventures during this trip, some of them I can't describe even now (have to wait few years more, to do that safely...).

As, I have had no trailer at that moment, I have hired my friend, Henio Lasota, one of the best horse carriers in Warsaw:

Having to wait for documents, we used the time to visit studfarms around. As the first come Tersk horses (half-blood Arabian breed, a result of the Soviet experiment with the restoration of Strelecky breed, extinct during Civil War):

Finally, creme de la creme: Tersk stallion Tarantul:
I know no details concerning this horse. I was said, he belongs to a private person and is stabled at the stud farm. Allegedly, his owner wanted to sell him. However, when I was calling later - nobody knew anything about him.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trip to Southern Russia, June/July 2005, part 4

It's not easy to take pictures at horse races without proper equipment. However, we did what we could:

And so is the way Paykend wins the Derby!

The same afternoon we went back home. Our friend just Kasia couldn't stand to not try these sunflowers.

Port Kavkaz: we leave Russian soil...

Waters of Kerch Straits - between Azov and Black Sea and between mainland Russia and Crimean Pennisula.

Bus Station at Fedosija (Teodozja) at Crimean Pennisula (we have managed to use "golden sands" of its famous beach at Black Sea shore - albeit for a very brief time...).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trip to Southern Russia, June/July 2005, part 3

Presentation of stallions was followed by our visit to the pastures where Stavropol's yearlings were gazing. Here come the colts:

Then, we went to fillies:

I don't know these two. I thought them the ugliest fillies on the whole pasture. However, as soon, as I've come inside the fences - they immediately came to me and we were walking like this all the time. I was surprised at that time. Now, I know - this is typically "Teke-like-behavior". Our Margire does the same with visitors...

Melesugun once more time

And Rovana (?)

TThe next day we have spent at Piatigorsk racetrack. So, see tomorrow some pics from Teke's Derby race - and from our trip back home.