Saturday, March 30, 2013

Second trip to Russia, April/May 2006, part 2

At Stavropol Stud farm, we have opportunity to meet and see some friends and family members:

Paykend, whom we saw a year earlier winning the Derby race.

Akvamarin, a stallion whom my friend Henio Lasota instantly got to love.

He later won the championship for elder stallions and some important races. Unhappily - have died soon after.

Our Melesugun's father, Serasker. Sere's son about whom Mrs Raja Kirsh has expressed her worst opinion, as "Hispano-like, heavy, non typical, over-fed".

However, Serasker was 20+ years old at the time when we saw him - and was in constant use as a stallion! I was deeply moved by his dignity and apparent wisdom...

Serasker - different view

Melesugun's mother, Monogramma. She was affected by several shocks, making her hooves deformed and causing her to almost loose the ability of movement. As a dam she was frequently paired with Serasker, producing a long line of excellent offspring. Melesugun (then 2-years old) wasn't her last child!

Our Margire's sire, Gazanch. Margire has come to Poland inside her mother, Melemahmal.

A filly without coat, Malyshka. This is very rare genetic disease. Few years later, I've found description of a similar case in a relation of a Polish embassy to Sublime Port in a year 1700 A.D.

Malyshka has died that summer - the summer was exceptionally hot, and she has had problems with thermoregulation.

Henio with his favorit Stavropol's horse

The mare we definitely DIDN'T WANT: Tachta. She is Malyshka's sister and bears some white signs on her coat, an AT horse mustn't have.

Tachta from the other side.

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