Friday, March 29, 2013

Second trip to Southern Russia, April/May 2006, part 1

Having bought two "girls": Melemahmal and Melesugun, we went back next year to Stavropol, to collect them and bring them home. We had a lot of adventures during this trip, some of them I can't describe even now (have to wait few years more, to do that safely...).

As, I have had no trailer at that moment, I have hired my friend, Henio Lasota, one of the best horse carriers in Warsaw:

Having to wait for documents, we used the time to visit studfarms around. As the first come Tersk horses (half-blood Arabian breed, a result of the Soviet experiment with the restoration of Strelecky breed, extinct during Civil War):

Finally, creme de la creme: Tersk stallion Tarantul:
I know no details concerning this horse. I was said, he belongs to a private person and is stabled at the stud farm. Allegedly, his owner wanted to sell him. However, when I was calling later - nobody knew anything about him.

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