Monday, March 25, 2013

Trip to Southern Russia, June/July 2005, part 1.

In the end of June 2005 we went to the South of Russia, to visit akhal-teke stud farms. Herewith, you may find some pictures from our trip. As the first part, comes some pictures from Yeysk (Ейск,

At that time, this filly used to be called "Stella". However, I think she was later sold somewhere under different name.

Don't remember names of these stallions. There is an Azov Sea outside the wall here!

Our friend Kasia, me and...?

In 2008 we have bought our Osman Guli at Yeysk.

A herd of cows with a mounted cowboy nearby.

Tomorrow I will show you some of the Stavropol Studfarm's horses.

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  1. Na zdjęciu z Tobą i Kasią jest najprawdopodobniej ogier Metman, ale nie dam sobie ręki uciąć.