Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trip to Southern Russia, June/July 2005, part 3

Presentation of stallions was followed by our visit to the pastures where Stavropol's yearlings were gazing. Here come the colts:

Then, we went to fillies:

I don't know these two. I thought them the ugliest fillies on the whole pasture. However, as soon, as I've come inside the fences - they immediately came to me and we were walking like this all the time. I was surprised at that time. Now, I know - this is typically "Teke-like-behavior". Our Margire does the same with visitors...

Melesugun once more time

And Rovana (?)

TThe next day we have spent at Piatigorsk racetrack. So, see tomorrow some pics from Teke's Derby race - and from our trip back home.

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