Friday, April 19, 2013


It's a pleasure to present to you Ostowar, a colt by Gelshah, out of Osman Guli, born last afternoon at our farm:

The whole family at one picture: Ostowar with his mother and his father further backward...

His name in Persian means: "tough", "sturdy" and it's a military degree in Iranian army, equivalent to "chief sergeant" (rus. старшина).

All details concerning the foaling you may find at my Polish blog, as well as our first common experiences.

Although the foaling actually took place during daytime (which is not so often...), I'm terribly tired due to the fact, that having no stable, we have to care about social integration of a new mom and her child with the rest of the herd. Which is problematic so far. However, we look forward with a degree of optimism...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

True Love

This morning I've had luck to find our Melesugun and Gelshah doing their favorite caresses:

More today's pics to see at my Polish blog.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Morning dream

Our dirty, clumsy and lazy herd with the first signs of a sunny day (after a very, very long period of clouds and snow...) decided to sunbath and sleep:

It looks like a good opportunity, to present them all to you. So, here we go:

Melesugun - our "alpha - mare", the boss!

To her left Gelshah, Petra Maresova's stallion, lend to us for breeding. They are very attached to each other.

Gelshah's head

My beloved Osman Guli - "second in command" in our herd and first to foal, which we expect very soon.

Osman Guli's head

Our youngest (so far...) Margire - Melemahmal's daughter. And the most mischievous little horse I ever met! You may read about her last "adventure" at my Polish blog - if you can.

Margire's head

Monday, April 1, 2013

Prima Aprilis

April the 1st is not a day when you may believe in what newspapers, tv or bloggers in Poland say or write. It's traditional "Joke's Day" when everyone tries to make others fouls. So - it's your choice if you want to believe these pictures or not:

To see more pictures - visit my Polish blog, please...