Sunday, April 7, 2013

Morning dream

Our dirty, clumsy and lazy herd with the first signs of a sunny day (after a very, very long period of clouds and snow...) decided to sunbath and sleep:

It looks like a good opportunity, to present them all to you. So, here we go:

Melesugun - our "alpha - mare", the boss!

To her left Gelshah, Petra Maresova's stallion, lend to us for breeding. They are very attached to each other.

Gelshah's head

My beloved Osman Guli - "second in command" in our herd and first to foal, which we expect very soon.

Osman Guli's head

Our youngest (so far...) Margire - Melemahmal's daughter. And the most mischievous little horse I ever met! You may read about her last "adventure" at my Polish blog - if you can.

Margire's head

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