Thursday, May 30, 2013

AT colts for sale

We have two AT colts for sale (immediately after wanning them).

Colt Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman Guli), born 18.04.2013:

You may find more information about Ostovar here:
- what his name means (in English).

Colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun), born 25.04.2013

More information about Miyan you may find here:
- the story of his birth (in Polish),
- the meaning of his name (in English).

The initial price I may begin negotiations with is 10.000 euro (ten thousand euro) each.

My phone number is +48 782 589 388 (please take into consideration that we have a very bad mobile phone range here). Our e-mail address is: jacekpkobus @

We speak English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Lithuanian - please, don't hesitate to write or call and ask about details.

Our farm is located in central Poland, about 80 km south of its capital, Warsaw. You don't need any additional documents to posses horses bought here in any EU country (except, probably, British Islands were separate regulations are in force), neither to pay any tax or custom. I may transport the horse to any EU country you only wish to, for a competitive price.

The colts will be available for transportation after wanning them this autumn.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning photos

As we have a break between one and another storm - I did few pics of our herd this morning. Herewith you may see a choice of them:

Melesugun, Miyan and Ostovar

Melesugun (and Osman Guli further back)

Margire (and a small part of Madeshir on the other side...)


the herd

Ostovar (and Madeshir far far away)

Osman Guli (and parts of Melesugun and Miyan)


lots of water at the pasture

Melesugun and Gelshah


Well: nothing special. Just a lazy morning at the pasture...

Friday, May 24, 2013


After a week long deliberations we have finally agreed about the name of our filly.

Madeshir (Madeszir in Polish and Мадешир in Russian) means "She-Lion". Dalia has found this name 6 years ago, when our first AT filly was born, but that time we have preferred the name "Margire" instead. Now, Margire's daughter seems to be enough "lion-like" to live to her name in the future:

You may find more Madeshir's pictures here, here and here.

I have described almost every detail of her 8 days lond life at my Polish blog. Beginning with her first night with the herd and problems caused by our alpha-mare, our plans concerning all three newly born
and ending with Margire's covering by Gelshah two days ago.

In fact, it looks like Madeshir is not only the only filly among our this year offspring - but also: she is by any measure - the best of all three!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A filly this time

Our Margire has foaled this night and gave us a filly - thy last foal and the only girl at our farm this year:

More pictures at my Polish blog.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


He was born a week ago - however, we have spent a whole week inventing a name for him:

Finally, we have decided to call him "Mijan". Which in English should be pronounced: "Miyan". And in Russian: Миян.

In Persian it means: "central", "middle" - and it's quite a popular surname in India. As we still await a third birth - it looks as a good choice.

While newly born he looked like a spider:

At least, as a son of our "alpha-mare", he had no problems with his social relations with the herd: