Friday, May 24, 2013


After a week long deliberations we have finally agreed about the name of our filly.

Madeshir (Madeszir in Polish and Мадешир in Russian) means "She-Lion". Dalia has found this name 6 years ago, when our first AT filly was born, but that time we have preferred the name "Margire" instead. Now, Margire's daughter seems to be enough "lion-like" to live to her name in the future:

You may find more Madeshir's pictures here, here and here.

I have described almost every detail of her 8 days lond life at my Polish blog. Beginning with her first night with the herd and problems caused by our alpha-mare, our plans concerning all three newly born
and ending with Margire's covering by Gelshah two days ago.

In fact, it looks like Madeshir is not only the only filly among our this year offspring - but also: she is by any measure - the best of all three!

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