Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Visitor's point of view...

I've just received some pictures from our Visitor, who has spent last weekend at our farm. Think, such "third person" point of view might be interesting to you. So, here it goes:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Dusk till Dawn

In the evening our herd used to gather under the roof of their shelter. When I've come to them yesterday, they just begun to walk around:

Only to be found in the morning standing in exactly the same positions like in the evening!

Broken fences and new feces all around are the only evidence, that from dusk till dawn there was something more than just calm sleep here...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An ordinary day

This is quite a cloudy and quite a windy day. However I did what I could, to take for you some sunny pictures, showing how our friends are shining:

In fact it's Gelshah, who is shining the most:

but the rest of the herd keeps the pace:

Besides, I've had luck to find some "specialities" for you. Like - father and son:

Well - they are pretty much alike! Just see:

and compare to:

No doubts about their kinship, isn't it?

Two brothers:

Miyan's blue eye:

Ostovar's rest:

His snack:

And his large ears:

Their little sister, Madeshir:

Melesugun explaining what are bushes for:

And finally:

our home cat brutally expelled from our cottage during her scheduled nap hours and loudly expressing her deep discontent for such practices!

Just an ordinary day...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

His first halter ever...

When we have tried for the first time about a week ago - it was an epic tragedy! With wild jumps, with standing up on his rear legs, with desperate fight. So desperate, that we have gave up very quickly!

But this evening we were just giving them their supper - a small portions of grain in buckets, one bucket for each adult horse. And Ostovar was stealing grain from his father bucket as usually.

I just have grasped him more less like this (except, that I wasn't standing so erect I think!):

and asked Dalia to bring the foal-halter we have left hanging on the wall after previous failure.

This time - there was no jumps, no rearing, no fight. He just allowed to put the halter on his head. He has become a little sad:

and a little thoughtful. But allowed to adjust everything calmly.

It looks like his childhood is ending... And his youth just begun!

We did ABSOLUTELY no training before. It was just a right time and a right decision.

And a marvelous horse - you may buy for a pretty modest price..!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Back on horseback

Something like two weeks ago I've started to ride again.

When we have greeted Gelshah at our farm, more than a year ago, in April, it become impossible to separate any mare out of the herd. He was too attached to them, to stand calm such exercise - and after some initial trials I was too much afraid of his health, to risk so much.

In the course of time, this excitement gradually vanished. However, we have already get used to "doing - nothing" with our horses. Besides, it was winter, all mares were in an advanced pregnancy... In short: any kind of excuse was good for us!

However, it couldn't last for ever. So, two weeks ago, I've mounted Osman Guli for the first time after some 15 months break. It was splendid! She forget nothing. It was so nice, I've hardly noticed my own muscles burn after that...

This morning, for the second time we have went outside the fences - leaving all the herd apart:

Her son, Ostovar, has preferred to stay with his father at the Winter Paddock this time.

Well - looks like Turkmen's practice of early waning isn't so crazy, isn't it..?