Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An ordinary day

This is quite a cloudy and quite a windy day. However I did what I could, to take for you some sunny pictures, showing how our friends are shining:

In fact it's Gelshah, who is shining the most:

but the rest of the herd keeps the pace:

Besides, I've had luck to find some "specialities" for you. Like - father and son:

Well - they are pretty much alike! Just see:

and compare to:

No doubts about their kinship, isn't it?

Two brothers:

Miyan's blue eye:

Ostovar's rest:

His snack:

And his large ears:

Their little sister, Madeshir:

Melesugun explaining what are bushes for:

And finally:

our home cat brutally expelled from our cottage during her scheduled nap hours and loudly expressing her deep discontent for such practices!

Just an ordinary day...

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