Monday, July 8, 2013

Back on horseback

Something like two weeks ago I've started to ride again.

When we have greeted Gelshah at our farm, more than a year ago, in April, it become impossible to separate any mare out of the herd. He was too attached to them, to stand calm such exercise - and after some initial trials I was too much afraid of his health, to risk so much.

In the course of time, this excitement gradually vanished. However, we have already get used to "doing - nothing" with our horses. Besides, it was winter, all mares were in an advanced pregnancy... In short: any kind of excuse was good for us!

However, it couldn't last for ever. So, two weeks ago, I've mounted Osman Guli for the first time after some 15 months break. It was splendid! She forget nothing. It was so nice, I've hardly noticed my own muscles burn after that...

This morning, for the second time we have went outside the fences - leaving all the herd apart:

Her son, Ostovar, has preferred to stay with his father at the Winter Paddock this time.

Well - looks like Turkmen's practice of early waning isn't so crazy, isn't it..?

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