Monday, September 30, 2013

Greetings from the fog!

This time we have had another "star of the day". Madeshir (Gelshah - Margire):

Besides, all our pupils were as relaxed as usually:

Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman Guli)

and Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Miyan again

This time only our Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun, born 25.04.2013 and for sale - for a reduced price!) was kind enough to me to be taken on a picture:

all the rest of our herd - was chewing the grass without the slightest intention to move or to pose for a picture...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random pictures

Have tried to make some "marketing" pictures as soon as the Sun appeared above our farm after two weeks of almost constant rains and winds. However, the result is far far away from satisfying:

Osman Guli (Mihman - Opera) with her son, Ostovar (for sale).

Colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun, for sale).

Colt Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman Guli, for sale).

Filly Madeshir (Gelshah - Margire), belongs to Petra Marešova, Gelshah's owner

Osman Guli with Madeshir and Ostovar

Miyan and parts of some other horses

Madeshir with her mother, Margire (Gazanch - Melemahmal)

Margire, the only offspring of our late Melemahmal

As you may see, to do a good "selling" picture of a horse - is almost as difficult as to sell one!

Well: will try next time...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miyan and friends...

Well, because the waning time is coming very soon, I feel, I should increase my effort to find for our boys new homes. Yesterday morning I did some picture of Ostovar:

with his mother, Osman Guli - and published it through Facebook. It was natural to try to do some pics of our second colt, Miyan this morning.

However, since there was a very interesting fog at sunrise - I've tried to make more sophisticated session. With a limited success. As usual, it was very difficult to portrait the fog:

Sunrise was easier to take:

As were autumn webs at the pasture:

As to the horses, I did few pictures when they were waiting for their breakfast along the winter paddock's fence:

It's our colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun). If you have already forgotten: he is for sale. I'm ready to decrease the price now...

and his brother Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman  Guli), for sale as well.

The poses are quite good, but this fence makes all the effect lost, don't you think so..?

So, I have come back to them few minutes later, when after the breakfast, they were returning to their favorite place at the pasture:

Melesugun, Miyan's dame leading the herd.

However, the best pics I was able to do was... Miyan pissing at all my effort!

At least he looks nice, isn't he..?

One more - less acceptable picture of his father, Gelshah:

isn't enough to pay for that morning's work. What's to do? I will try more soon...