Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miyan and friends...

Well, because the waning time is coming very soon, I feel, I should increase my effort to find for our boys new homes. Yesterday morning I did some picture of Ostovar:

with his mother, Osman Guli - and published it through Facebook. It was natural to try to do some pics of our second colt, Miyan this morning.

However, since there was a very interesting fog at sunrise - I've tried to make more sophisticated session. With a limited success. As usual, it was very difficult to portrait the fog:

Sunrise was easier to take:

As were autumn webs at the pasture:

As to the horses, I did few pictures when they were waiting for their breakfast along the winter paddock's fence:

It's our colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun). If you have already forgotten: he is for sale. I'm ready to decrease the price now...

and his brother Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman  Guli), for sale as well.

The poses are quite good, but this fence makes all the effect lost, don't you think so..?

So, I have come back to them few minutes later, when after the breakfast, they were returning to their favorite place at the pasture:

Melesugun, Miyan's dame leading the herd.

However, the best pics I was able to do was... Miyan pissing at all my effort!

At least he looks nice, isn't he..?

One more - less acceptable picture of his father, Gelshah:

isn't enough to pay for that morning's work. What's to do? I will try more soon...

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