Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random pictures

Have tried to make some "marketing" pictures as soon as the Sun appeared above our farm after two weeks of almost constant rains and winds. However, the result is far far away from satisfying:

Osman Guli (Mihman - Opera) with her son, Ostovar (for sale).

Colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun, for sale).

Colt Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman Guli, for sale).

Filly Madeshir (Gelshah - Margire), belongs to Petra Marešova, Gelshah's owner

Osman Guli with Madeshir and Ostovar

Miyan and parts of some other horses

Madeshir with her mother, Margire (Gazanch - Melemahmal)

Margire, the only offspring of our late Melemahmal

As you may see, to do a good "selling" picture of a horse - is almost as difficult as to sell one!

Well: will try next time...

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