Thursday, October 3, 2013


This is not "a mushroom year"! The autumn is cold and comparatively dry. Normally, we have more people mushrooming here in Boska Wola (which makes me angry when they cross our fences and disturb horses or... steal Dalia's underwear hanging near our hut!), than the mushrooms.

However today, some hour ago, while walking toward our composter I've almost kicked this:

We have tried to give you idea about the size of this fungi porchini by comparing it with our home cat (rather large...). However, she wasn't interested in this item:

The mushroom was perfectly clean and healthy!

We should have some extra mushrooms dried in, let's say - two or three weeks. So, if anybody of you want to try a real taste of ecologically clean and perfectly natural dried boletus or leccinum - just write to me!

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