Friday, October 25, 2013

Our horses

Yesterday we did some photos for VNIIK, so it's the opportunity to present our herd head by head:

Melesugun (Serasker - Monogramma/Gaigisiz), born 05.03.2004 at Stavropol Stud-farm. She is the boss here. This year she gave birth to her first foal:

Colt Miyan (Gelshah - Melesugun/Serasker), born 25.04.2013. For sale. I'm ready to negotiate his price  without any assumptions! Very agile, intelligent, quick-learning, nice and tender. However - we have no place for him whatsoever...

Then goes our "second-in-command" and my favorite ride:

Osman Guli (Mihman - Opera/Rokot), born 08.03.2004 at stud-farm "Akhalt-Service" in Eisk. This year she gave us her first foal:

Colt Ostovar (Gelshah - Osman Guli/Mihamn), born 18.04.2013. Also for sale. Albeit in this case I'm not so much determined to get rid of him as in the case of his brother! He is too good to be sold in a hurry. Your problem if you don't catch the opportunity...

Then, we move to our youngest mare and first bred by us (in fact: imported from Stavropol inside her mother...):

Margire (Gazanch - Melemahmal/Palvan), born 06.01.2007 at our farm. This year she foaled as the last of our mares and gave us the only filly:

Madeshir (Gelshah - Margire/Gazanch), born 15.05.2013. She belongs to Petra Marešova, who choose her as the rent for leasing us the stallion. Well, beware Petra..! She is lovely and sweet - but stubborn and free-minded as no other foal I ever knew...

We hope to go with Madeshir and with her father, Gelshah to Petra in mid-November. Have to repair our trailer and car before that way!

Gelshah (Gumon - Fornaks/Anis/Serasker), born 24.05.2008 at Akhalteke Tukleky farm, was nearby when we took pictures of his wives and childrens:

He is for sale also. Contact Petra if his offspring and proven good behavior (while living in herd at our farm for almost a year and half!) made you interested in buying him!

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