Monday, December 23, 2013

Effective microorganisms - Day 0

We have bought the smallest possible dose of this treatment:

The purpose is to enhance our mares ability to absorb nutritive and mineral elements from the food, to increase the efficiency of their gestative systems and to turn on their symbiotic flora for the benefit of our next year foals.

Of course - it's just an experiment, as the opinions about "effective microorganisms" are divided. Like you may see, even the English Wikipedia doesn't know they might be used for other purposes than  organic farming and especially decomposing organic matter!

Dr. Teruo Higa with his experimental field

Todays object was to test the way we may give them the treatment. I have tried it the first.

The smell is terrible! It smells like a puke. Don't even think about kissing me now!

However, the taste isn't bad. It's sour and quite acceptable.

I have added 40 ml (according to the tips on the package) to each our mare evening meal (consisting now of 0,5 l of whole oat and 0,5 l of muesli).

Melegusun and Osman Guli have eaten everything. Margire at first have kicked her bucket throwing the meal out, but then have had to re-think the situation and eat most of what was laying on the ground.

So - "the day 0" looks like a success, since we have accomplished the first goal. We have to use all the package in no more than 14 days. In fact, we should finish it in about a week (giving 3 x 40 ml each evening out of 1000 ml big bottle). I will report you all the observations day-to-day.

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