Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Effective microorganisms - Day 2

At least we have one success: every patient has ate her portion!

No visible changes neither in behavior nor in bodies yet. They appeared to be LESS energetic during our todays exercises than last few days. But this could be attributed to the warmth of today's weather. Under their winter coats our tekes could feel too hot to trot...

Note, that:
- this is 17th day since Melesugun and Osman Guli have stopped to milk (Margire has stopped a month earlier),
- this is 15th day since we do light exercise on our round-pen with all three mares daily: Margire, who was lame two weeks ago walks, Melesugun and Osman Guli trot (Melesugun 15 circles each side, Osman Guli - 20),
- this is 10th day since we add them muesli with vitamin, copper, selenium and amino acids to theirs morning and evening oat: the pack is almost empty now and we will buy a new one in Saturday only, so there will be a two days break in this diet.

They look better now than two weeks ago. They have smaller bellies and some muscles have appeared. However, it is just the beginning. I have listed all these above in order to show you, how difficult it will be, to find what is the result of "effective microorganisms" treatment and what isn't!

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