Thursday, December 26, 2013

Effective microorganisms - Day 3

Application successful. No recordable changes yet.

In the morning we gave a small portion to our old cat:

She is very thick now. Will see if this will help her to regain a little of her fat..?


  1. It takes longer time than 3 days to see the changes :-) - my experience is at least 2-3 months and with horses with bigger problems even 6 months. So be patient :-)

    1. But were you applying EM ALL that time - or simply you have applied them, and then - waited for the result? 2-3 months of such a treatment is a whole lot of money!

    2. I gave them for all that period, with one horse over 9 months. And yes, horses cost a lot of money ...

    3. It looks like rain enchanting. The rain is very easy to enchant. You simply dance until it begun to rain.

      EM is an experimental therapy. So far as I understand it, it should work even in a very small doses. If you were giving them to a horse for over 9 months, then what from do you know, they were really helpful? In so long a time, there could be an undefined number of factors changing the body status...

    4. How the EM therapy worked out in the long term?