Sunday, December 29, 2013

Effective microorganisms - Day 6

Yesterday I have bought a new oat. So, few minutes ago, I have prepared the EMs, the two bags of oat, another one with pellets - and started to prepare an evening meal for our horses.

Have mixed two kinds of oat, then added the pellets, then begun to think about all things I need to do tomorrow - including buying different parts necessary for fixing this small problem:

which is ABSOLUTELY a must, if I could transport a new portion of hay in, let's say Wednesday at last, then...

I have realized, that I've forgot to add EMs to buckets..!

Ah, let it be. Will give' em in the morning. Anyway - it looks like our limited goal is achieved. During todays exercises all three mares have shown... boredom. Probably we will need to saddle them soon. And to increase the variety and time we spend on exercises. Isn't it good..?

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