Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Effective microorganisms - Day 7 & 8

It looks like comparatively warm weather ends. There was quite a frost tonight. But no snow yet:

Bad news especially for our quinces, which were so imprudent, to develop new leaves recently:

I have had to de-frost the tap in our horses shed this morning:

before I could to water them:

However, our mares, having hay under their shed still in abundance (I hope to repair our trailer today and bring them new pack either this evening or tomorrow morning...):

nevertheless decided to go, as they every morning do, to the hoarfrost covered pasture:

Maybe, I shouldn't show you them at this stage - especially, that they did nothing particularly impressive and it's not easy to take picture of a grazing horse and made it splendid. However, I think that the improvement is already visible even in such a situation. Just look at their coats:

It's shining and there are "apples" on them!

Yesterday, we have begun to upgrade our daily round-pen exercises. With improvised "cavaletti" for the beginning.

However, in such a conditions outside, we have to wait until the sun would make the ground at least a little softer. Means until noon. For the time being, there is nothing left to do, just to sit in our hut near the fire:

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