Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Last days together...

This was the last day of a good weather before our herd will part. Already in Monday I will try to transport Obe to her new home - and Mahru will follow quickly, although I still don't know for how long. It is quite possible, she will come back to us very quickly, after two or three weeks necessary to wane her from her mother. So, Dalia did few pics for you:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mahru: the last attempt to do some "official" photo

Days are shorter and shorter. Especially after this idiotic "change of time" last weekend. As usually in the Autumn there is a lot of fog. So, today Dalia did the last attempt to do some "official" photo of our Mahru - before we will send the "zayavkas" to Riazan...

In fact, the main reason why we didn't sent them yet is that I can't decide if Mahru has a lantern (or at least a star) on her forehead - or not? What do YOU think about that?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obe's fate

as we did vaccination to all herd this afternoon, Obe's fate fulfilled: she was caught up for the third time in her short life and forced to obey:

In fact we do not always vaccinate our horses and rarely do that to the whole herd. This time we did it mostly because there is an epidemic of horse cold in a village some 20 km from our place. We decided to be better safe than sorry: although normally we don't have any "horse" contacts with such places (as we have such contacts with nobody in general...) it is too close to ignore.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

First attempt to do zootechnical photo

Having collected all tests and documents we have but to do good photos and fill up the "zayavkas" for our fillies. For the first time I've tried to catch them while they are free. It is true that our Obe after a shock she suffered when we have collected her blood is much more civilized now - but I didn't want to force her too much this time.

One or two pics could be useful. Dalia will continue tomorrow. If we won't succeed, we will do that in a orthodox way next weekend. And, for the time being, you may see a choice of few pics:


Mahru: what is your opinion - she has a lantern on her head (which is normally invisible due to her bright coat...) - or it is purely accidental effect of a seasonal change of fur..?

at least Obe's head is easy to describe...

Obe's hind legs - with socks

Mahru's mother, Margire

aunt Melesugun: sleepy and angry at the same time...

At last! We may go back to the pasture...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Insult

In my opinion, as a breeder, a person who dared to show such a painted horse at European Akhal-teke Championship a month ago, has insulted everybody to whom the breed is dear. What is it..? Is it Akhal-teke..?

For me it's a cow. It could even be a good horse - but it CAN'T be an Akhal-teke! There is NO painted AT horses. It is aesthetic and logical impossibility.

Alexandr Stiepanovich was right 8 years ago when he said me, that everything may be sold to Germany... Every shit I mean!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

When chemistry fails...

This morning I have tried to collect blood from our fillies.
It was OK for Mahru. She was standing patiently while I was (being unused to it, as I do that no often than once a year...) locating her vein and collecting these few drops. Afterwards she just kissed me gently with her warm snorkel...
For our wild and stubborn Obe, I have had a sedation prepared. I gave it her with her morning oats and repeted in pure form more than once (using exactly the same method I have practiced already twice with deworming potion: just siting and waiting until the foal will start to suck the syringe - which they inevitable did...). She was drunk as a sailor a first evening after a long cruise!
And equally fierce!
I couldn't even to try to collect her hair instead (which was a "plan B").
Normally she isn't so desperate. She doesn't allow to touch her head or to catch her - but we can stroke or scratch her neck and collecting the hair seemed quite an easy option to go...
Well, it looks like I was right describing this case in this month "Gallop" monthly magazin: she is so wild because of genetic reasons. I know her from the very first minute of her life. She has had NO trauma. She lives in a friendly and gentle environment and nobody has hurt her - never. She seems to know that we are her friends. But her instincts are stronger than her reason.
Giving her a sedation we have switched off her reason - as a result she was WILDER than normally!
This is very, very bad sign. It is diffcult but imaginable to overcome bad experience a horse could have with people. But how to overcome the instincts..? Even if she will be trained eventually - I'm afraid that in the moments of stress she would come back to her natural behavior...
Well - what to do..? This time she won. After an hour and half of running I was wet enough and late enough to give up. This evening, upon my return home, I will take her with her mother to the round-pen. Will see: maybe this would work better..? If not, I have no idea how to transport her to Czech Republic then...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Obe: a stubborn pupil...

While the time is going on, I have had but to begin the basic lessons with our youngsters. How to stand being held on a rope? How to enter the trailer? And other things necessary for a young horse to live in this strange world...
It is going quite well with Mahru. However, with our wild and stubborn Obe - I still didn't... caught  her!
She runs very elegantly you may see. However, I have no the slightest idea how to teach her..? I just hope to overcome her wildnest, being calm and patient...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mahru solo and with her band

The quality is really poor but what can I do having just a phone to take movies? Anyway, Mahru solo and with her band yesterday at noon (the weather was very bad and I was collecting the herd from the pasture to allow them to dry...):

Saturday, August 9, 2014

While molesting birch-trees...

Great Pasture has two advantages over First Pasture (we used to use till now): it is more than twice the latter's size (so our herd have had to circle it in full gallop two and a half times immediately after entering there last evening - to celebrate the joy of being freed from "the box"...) - and it offers many bushes and shrubberies.

And shrubberies are of great use for horses who want to destroy flies attacking theirs skins!

Mahru (and a portion of Osman-Guli)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Forest pasture

There is plenty of rain this year. Our grass grows fast and the herd will move to the Great Pasture soon. As a kind of "exercise", preparing the youngsters for more variable environment - and, to help them to survive the hottest part of a day, last Saturday we have allowed them to enter a Forest Pasture for a while:
It is incredibely hot and humid Summer. Our Tekes endure this tropical weather much better than me!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The first step toward adulthood

Little fillies are like little girls: they follow theirs mothers in everything. Mahru and Obe already from many days wanted to have their own meals while their mothers eat. In Saturday, I gave them a handful of a mixture of oat and oat's bran. They have ate very little, but have a lot of fun:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunny morning at the pasture

Already a third day we get up under cloudy, dark, raining sky. So, just to make the mood better, a few pics from last sunny morning in Saturday:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Our youngest filly almost immediately got her name. She is Obe. Which is a word, Dalia has found in the dictionary, as signifying "a Turkmen encampment" in Persian.

Obe (Gelshah - Osman Guli), born a week ago, in May the 6th, remains a little shy and mistrustful toward humans. We do hope to change it soon, as we plan to deworm the herd this week:

Just for comparison, our Mahru (Gelshah - Margire), born 28.04.2014: