Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our way home

That's how our way looks like - when I'm coming back from the civilization (means: the only shop in our village, where I've bought bred this morning) home:

If you want to see more movies from our daily and weekly routine horse keeping operations - just visit my Polish blog.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleepy and eating

We have the first sunny morning from a long time now:

However, our beauties do nothing interesting - and I have no will to force them to run or so...

They are sleeping:

or eating:

At least, they feel good, I think...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter is coming!

The Aura was clement to us for a long time. However. it looks like this clemency ends now. We have quite a normal January - with sole exception that the snow cover is thin and easily changes in mud or ice, depending on temperature. This makes our herd exercises difficult and causes us to use some irregular ways - like walking them at the Winter Paddock instead of trotting at the round-pen.

Few days ago it happened that I made a movie:

For the sake of economy about two weeks ago we have bought four kilos of Hippovit Extra:

instead of a new 25-kilo's bag of pellets. Well - for the time being we have finished the first package out of four and begun the second.

Only Melesugun eats it willingly. The rest sabotage this supplement, leaving it in the bucket's bottom whenever possible.

I think that we will finish this as soon as possible and move back to some muesli again...

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Progress

and an observation: our Osman Guli

is a "left-sided" horse. Which is typical for most of the horses. And which causes, that she jumps better from the left fore leg, than from the right one. The result is that, during todays exercises with "cavaletti" on our round-pen, she has jumped (which was a fault, she should cross it in a normal trot...) the obstacles 16 times out of 20 circles to the left - and only 2 times of out 20 circles to the right...

Now - the progress. Today was the first time since we have started our "exercise program" when our Margire:

was trotting. Due to the lameness, I was only walking her for nearly a month. But the lameness has gone already, so we did 5 circles of trot each side today...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Effective microorganisms - Day 10

and the last one! We have completed the curation this morning. The result? Well, you may see our Osman Guli when she was half-dreaming this afternoon, during the sunset:

She was almost perfect at the round-pen, during our exercises with "cavaletti" today.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Effective microorganisms - Day 9

and the last with the full dose of the treatment. There is only a small portion left for next morning - but this will be a half or a one third of the dose prescribed.

Well, there are ways to make EMs:

However, I think that:
- this limited goal we have had is already achieved,
- the product isn't expensive
so, in case we will need more - we would buy it!

And today, in order to celebrate a New Year, I have saddled Osman Guli:

(this is our first picture with Osman Guli, made in May 2008, when she has come to us from Russia).

As usually, I have had a limited and defined goal: to loosen us! To achieve that, I first made a few circles of trot (including a small portion of unintended and partially uncontrolled gallop...), then quite a lot small rounds and exercises in a walk and finally - did what I wanted in the last trot. Almost perfect!

To make a horse dry after half an hour of a walk and trot took another half an hour. Well - her winter coat is really dense and thick...