Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Effective microorganisms - Day 9

and the last with the full dose of the treatment. There is only a small portion left for next morning - but this will be a half or a one third of the dose prescribed.

Well, there are ways to make EMs:

However, I think that:
- this limited goal we have had is already achieved,
- the product isn't expensive
so, in case we will need more - we would buy it!

And today, in order to celebrate a New Year, I have saddled Osman Guli:

(this is our first picture with Osman Guli, made in May 2008, when she has come to us from Russia).

As usually, I have had a limited and defined goal: to loosen us! To achieve that, I first made a few circles of trot (including a small portion of unintended and partially uncontrolled gallop...), then quite a lot small rounds and exercises in a walk and finally - did what I wanted in the last trot. Almost perfect!

To make a horse dry after half an hour of a walk and trot took another half an hour. Well - her winter coat is really dense and thick...

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