Friday, January 3, 2014

The Progress

and an observation: our Osman Guli

is a "left-sided" horse. Which is typical for most of the horses. And which causes, that she jumps better from the left fore leg, than from the right one. The result is that, during todays exercises with "cavaletti" on our round-pen, she has jumped (which was a fault, she should cross it in a normal trot...) the obstacles 16 times out of 20 circles to the left - and only 2 times of out 20 circles to the right...

Now - the progress. Today was the first time since we have started our "exercise program" when our Margire:

was trotting. Due to the lameness, I was only walking her for nearly a month. But the lameness has gone already, so we did 5 circles of trot each side today...

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