Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A little mouse and two cats

A little mouse has come to us last night. She has ate a portion of our soap and then - fallen to our little bath. Most of the night, being half-sleeping, I could hear her ceaseless efforts to get out.


It was easy to catch her.

But then - what to do..?

To drown her? That's no fun..!

To give her to our 20+ years old home cat, my teddy bear..?

What a shame..!

Happily, we have another one - and an expert killer to finish the job...

Just to ensure you that our old cat isn't that passive and pacifist all the time - that's how his breakfast looks like:


And vow to me, if I wouldn't give her what she is thinking I ought to, immediately after feeding our horses!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to please your boss and make your life easier?

Just look and learn!

In case you didn't saw well, a longer version:

Our Margire (the brighter one) is the youngest mare in our herd. Naturally, she is the last one in the herd's hierarchy. But this morning, she found how to improve her situation: by giving the pleasure to the boss, a mare Melesugun. That's how intelligence wins over seniority and strength...