Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Our youngest filly almost immediately got her name. She is Obe. Which is a word, Dalia has found in the dictionary, as signifying "a Turkmen encampment" in Persian.

Obe (Gelshah - Osman Guli), born a week ago, in May the 6th, remains a little shy and mistrustful toward humans. We do hope to change it soon, as we plan to deworm the herd this week:

Just for comparison, our Mahru (Gelshah - Margire), born 28.04.2014:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Breeding progress or a psycho filly..?

Our youngest mare, Margire is known for her friendlyness and charme toward humans. No visitor ever escaped intacted..! She has always managed to be stroked, scratched, caressed.
However, in her doughter, Mahru, we have achieved a really significant breeding progress! Just see:
A black cat, another horse, even some poles and every human she can reach in the first place - everything is good for flawing. And she is just a little over a week old...
To the contrary, her younger sister remains more distant and shy. For the time being...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tough foaling and a giant filly

I couldn't make a movie from the foaling itself - I was busy pulling the legs of the foal, as the pushing movements of Osman Guli were too weak, while the foal - too big. Her first leg appeared after 9 hours of subsequent spasms and relaxations. Couldn't even imagine that so long a foaling is possible!

No wonder that after such an experience, Osman Guli was delivering the foal lying - and wasn't very fast to stand up:

It's a filly. A giant one! We have measured her when she got the balance:

and begun to drink her mother's milk:

And imagine: she already at birth is almost one meter high. And very energetic

Do you really think that it is a valid breeding goal to have akhal-tekes as big as possible..?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The breakfast

This morning at 5.00 A.M. in Boska Wola:


Our newlyborn filly has got her name:

We are going to call her Mahru

which means (in Persian): Face (so pretty as) Half-Moon.

In fact, she has something like a "half-moon" on her forehead. And blue eyes:

So, this is Mahru (Gelshah - Margire), born 28.04.2014. Last two days were difficult for us. She has got laxation (we think her mother got the heat already!) and at the same time, the weather has worsen: we have had a lot of rain and it was pretty cold. However, we have managed to survive and she seems to be in a perfect health now.