Monday, May 5, 2014

Tough foaling and a giant filly

I couldn't make a movie from the foaling itself - I was busy pulling the legs of the foal, as the pushing movements of Osman Guli were too weak, while the foal - too big. Her first leg appeared after 9 hours of subsequent spasms and relaxations. Couldn't even imagine that so long a foaling is possible!

No wonder that after such an experience, Osman Guli was delivering the foal lying - and wasn't very fast to stand up:

It's a filly. A giant one! We have measured her when she got the balance:

and begun to drink her mother's milk:

And imagine: she already at birth is almost one meter high. And very energetic

Do you really think that it is a valid breeding goal to have akhal-tekes as big as possible..?

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