Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mirasgul: black power - sex power!

I don't know how to understand the situation, but... it looks like our new stallion, Mirasgul

has dominated our long time herd's alpha, Melesugun:

three times his age - and a mare!

Anyway, yesterday evening I have had to give the supper first to Mirasgul, and only after that to Melesugun. In the morning, our "chain of supply" still has looked like that:

First - Mirasgul, second - Melesugun, third - Osman Guli, fourth - Margire.

Never heard about stallions actually leading the herd! Except in some patriarchal tales of old. Do you think that the chain of command has changed accordingly..? Whom should I catch first if the herd will break the fences..? That's a question!

As I have promised - the movies. Made by a phone, so the quality isn't good. Which is good, as it's a pure pornography in fact.

Mirasgul has a lot of good reason, so most of the time he just caresses his spouses:

but from time to time...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mirasgul, or do we have a happy family again..?

It's just my second coffee this morning - after a terribly long and terribly wearing weekend - so don't expect much except few pictures. And not very good ones, as we have brought with us from Estonia not only Mirasgul, but also dark clouds and there is no good light for shooting now. And there is not much to show, as our newly arrived stallion mostly eats grass:

together with his new herd:

No blood, no kicks, no bits, no screams. Nothing I have expected after our previous experience. It looks like my stocks of disinfectants will loose its validity intact.

As all three of our mares are in heat at once - from time to time he tries to mate with one or the other. With a rather limited success so far, although he learns quickly and maybe I could be surprised very soon: tomorrow I will try to show you a movie I did just now by my phone (it is much easier to download it to my office computer than at home). Well, he has a good teachers... 

There is not a hurry! They have as much time, as they only want.

The rapidity of Mirasgul's accommodation to our herd isn't the only surprise. All the way from Estonia but the first hour or so I was constantly in fear that he has disappeared from my trailer somehow. Why?

Maybe I'm not professional in transporting horses, but I think I have quite a lot of experience. I have transported different horses - and no matter how much they have had experience in traveling, and how smoothly and gently I was driving, there were always instances when their balancing was loosing the rhythm. Which means that an inertial mass of a horse body was touching a trailer's side or floor. And that is always felt well in the car.

Traveling with Mirasugl I have had an impression that there is but the air inside the trailer! I don't understand how it was possible?

Well, we all have a new love - my mares and me too I guess...

I would like to thank Kätlin and Kaido for their hospitality and for Mirasgul who is a true miracle so far! I did just a few pics at their place in Hellekunnu:

but my friend Jacek (to whom I thank as well for his companionship in this voyage) did much more and better ones:

I will let you know where and when they will be published. Just a few "action" pictures I did this morning I will publish in a minute at my Polish blog - but don't expect much, as the situation and Mirasgul's skills develop quite dynamic and it looks much more lovely now than an hour or two ago - and I'm too tired to run constantly with the camera to take now shoots...