Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mirasgul: black power - sex power!

I don't know how to understand the situation, but... it looks like our new stallion, Mirasgul

has dominated our long time herd's alpha, Melesugun:

three times his age - and a mare!

Anyway, yesterday evening I have had to give the supper first to Mirasgul, and only after that to Melesugun. In the morning, our "chain of supply" still has looked like that:

First - Mirasgul, second - Melesugun, third - Osman Guli, fourth - Margire.

Never heard about stallions actually leading the herd! Except in some patriarchal tales of old. Do you think that the chain of command has changed accordingly..? Whom should I catch first if the herd will break the fences..? That's a question!

As I have promised - the movies. Made by a phone, so the quality isn't good. Which is good, as it's a pure pornography in fact.

Mirasgul has a lot of good reason, so most of the time he just caresses his spouses:

but from time to time...

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