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to the new owner of pure-blood akhal-teke colt Ostovar, born 18.04.2013, Gelshah (Gumon - Fornaks/Serasker) - Osman Guli (Mihman - Opera/Rokot), coat dark deer with markings.

Very strong, tough and reliable. Single - minded. Horse without defects. Absolutely ideal in physical and psychological sense.

His dame, Osman Guli was third as a yearling at 2005th World Championship in Moscow. His sire's younger brother was a European Champion lat year.

The name "Ostovar" in Persian means: "tought", "strong" and "chief sergeant" of Iranian army.



to the new owner of colt Miyan, born 25.04.2013, Gelshah (Gumon - Fornaks/Serasker) - Melesugun (Serasker - Monogramma/Sere), coat deer with markings.

Very agile, smart and fast. Learns quickly. Bad things first - so be careful with him! Very friendly toward humans. Nice.

The name "Miyan" means in Persian: "central", "inner", "middle".

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